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June 14, 2006
The Virtual Business Group goes online to help serve the Internet business community.
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June 1, 2006
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Are you valuable and trustworthy?

Are you successful at your job because you complete tasks in such a way that you make professionals take notice? But, are you someone who would rather work for themselves and be in charge of your own time? If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to think about becoming a Virtual Assistant. Maybe you are already a Virtual Assistant and are having a hard time securing work or would prefer the conveniences of having a more secure work load without the restrictions of having to report into the office everyday. Either way, virtual assisting may be for you.

The good news is there has been an explosion of virtual organizations and small businesses that prefer to have professionals as needed versus hiring full time assistants or office managers. As a virtual assistant, these tasks would fall to you. You may do assignments such as secretarial duties, meeting and travel planning, project management, and logistics coordination. You may also work for other independents that need assistance with billing, bookkeeping or website management.

Depending on the needs of the client, you may be responsible for one or all of these functions. But in all cases, you are working in a virtual environment, working from your home office for clients who may or may not be based in your community or your state.

We provide all the assistance you need to be a successful virtual assistant. We provide the clients, the assignments, and in some instances, the software for you to be successful. All you need is a computer, some standard equipment and software and the aptitude and skill set to do the job.

What we offer you

Real assignments in various areas such as administration, data entry, research, writing, secretarial, web design, customer service, voice operator, medical transcription, regular transcription, legal transcription, medical coding, desktop publishing, telemarketing and sales.

  • You will have a business email account
  • 24 hour access to receive work
  • 24 hour access to technical support
  • Access to long-term project listings
  • Opportunity to access certain software
  • Your own virtual desk/office

What you must do

  • Register/Submit application/Resume
  • Download the Virtual Assistant Membership Package 
  • Schedule and Attend a conference call 
  • Background check
  • Skills Test

That's it! You're ready to log in and work. In order to register you must attend an information conference call and submit to a complete background check and skills test.  There is no time requirement.  You can work when you want.  However, if you chose not to continue, you will be removed from our system and you must go through the registration process again.

Sign up now and start down the path of your virtual assisting career!

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